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Talking with children about COVID

by Gail Brown | August 20, 2021
Talking with children about COVID

It's 2021, and parts of Australia are in lockdown yet again!

No one has any answers and this new Delta version is different in many ways - more children are being found to be positive with COVID?

Given this new scenario, it's important to talk to children about COVID, to make sure they understand what it means. Even though many adults have seen a lot of information about COVID - children may not understand this?

Be clear, this book offers no answers - no magic solutions. The strength of the book is that it raises issues and questions that children might have, and in a non-threatening way.

Hopefully, this will help teachers and parents to support their children.

Maybe, once a day or once a week, teachers and parents might choose to read one of the 20 chapters in this short book?

Repeated conversations, giving children multiple opportunities to talk about their problems, to ask questions and to clarify what we know about COVID - this will help us all learn more. Let's be more positive about what's happening - yes - it's challenging for many people and also, now, quite challenging for many children.

If you're interested in supporting your children or your students - here's the link to buy the hardcopy book, only $19.95 (including postage) and scroll down on the same link to find the Amazon link for a Kindle version for $5.55!

Let's try to be resilient and positive, and teach our children to be resilient in their lives, too!