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Reading Fluency is critical for comprehension.

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Resource manuals, for teachers and parents, include online links and evidence-based strategies for 3 types of reading fluency. Reading Fluency for Comprehension is more complex than oral reading fluency (see Daily Best Fluency for resources and strategies). Reading Expression changes comprehension in different ways and Silent Reading is for understanding, learning and creating a JOY of reading!

Three teacher and parent resource manuals are available to support improvements in fluency:

1. Daily Best Fluency for Comprehension: Strategies for improving oral reading fluency.

2. Reading Expression for Comprehension: Explicit instruction & strategies for expressive reading.

3. Silent Reading to Comprehend and Learn: Strategies for motivating and improving silent reading to learn.

4. 30% Discount Bundle Price: All 3 Resource Manuals, one free manual.

REMEMBER: Purchase a ONE-OFF LIFETIME licence for all teachers & staff in one school.