Designed Learning

ONE-OFF, LIFETIME purchase of Materials for classrooms: Priceless!

Instead of subscriptions, with repeated payments for years and years, ONE-OFF purchases save money and time, for assessments and learning materials!

Evidence-based research: Empowering educators with lifetime licences!

Using evidence-based research, our goal is more successful learning for students - so they love to learn more and they can learn how to learn!

Explicit instruction for successful learning opportunities

Explicit instruction is the key to effective learning, and to successful teaching of all content, from literacy and numeracy to workplaces and lifetime learning!

Designed and Designing Learning

Explicit instruction & instructional design underpinn all materials. Translating evidence-based research into classroom materials is the goal. These materialssupport both students' learning & teachers' professional learning. 

Fluency reinforces all this work, for decoding fluency, vocabulary and reading comprehension. 

Strategies from doctoral research and Special Education supported development of all Question-Skills.Explicit instruction includes explicit teaching and instructional design principles for designing materials in a sequence from easy to more difficult, with continual review and feedback.

Question Skills combines explicit instruction and instructional design for clear communication to support student learning of concepts and strategies (through instructional design) and explicit instruction with a gradual release of responsibility for learning in each lesson and across the lesson sequence. 

Explicit instruction and instructional design reduce cognitive load for students. This more likely ensures successful learning. Success criteria and checklists support students to self-monitor their learning and supports teachers to continually review student learning. 

All materials are a ONE-OFF, LIFETIME purchase, NOT a subscription. Many schools might currently subscribe to online assessments and materials, which are repeated costs every year, often per student.

Over time, subscription costs are likely to exceed lifetime purchase costs. This is a mathematical exercise for schools to determine approximatelty how many years it might take for subscription costs to exceed any one-off lifetime purchase costs. 

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