Designed Learning

About Gail Brown

  • I am an independent instructional researcher and education consultant working with schools to support their teacher professional learning and their literacy and numeracy instruction. My support applies evidence-based research for whatever direction each school, and each faculty, or classroom teacher, wants to attempt to improve.
  • My learning goal is to encourage teachers, their students and their school community to engage in lifelong learning, rise to the challenge of learning and persevering with learning as a journey.
  • An effective, explicit instructional approach to teaching, learning and feedback can lead to positive changes not only in students' learning at school, in academic and social skills, but also in their lives beyond school.
  • I have worked in schools and universities in a range of educational and consultancy roles for more than twenty years. After teaching in Sydney schools and completing my Masters degree in Special Education, I worked as an academic at Western Sydney University and at Macquarie University, in the Special Education Centre. 
  • My doctoral thesis is about instructional design and showed the efficacy of classroom lessons in question-answering, and versions of this are currently used in primary (elementary) and secondary (high school) classrooms across Australia, with much positive feedback.
  • I have presented my research internationally, including workshops showcasing the design of materials and the importance of implementation for ensuring improvements in students' learning. 
  • During this challenging time of COVID, I have written a book that can support teachers, parents and grandparents to talk and listen to their children about how they are feeling during the pandemic. This book is available, on Amazon in Kindle version and within Australia, from