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FREE Workshop - Formative Assessment!

by Dr Gail Brown | March 30, 2022
FREE Workshop - Formative Assessment!

Having posted about evidence-based classroom practices, I want to support a first step for teachers just starting this journey…

Evidence-based classroom practice begins with formative assessments of what students know and what they can do. The results of these assessments can be used for planning future teaching and learning and in reports. Knowing where students are starting from supports teachers to plan and meet a range of student learning needs in their classrooms.

This workshop trials draft surveys (tailored for teachers in K-2, 3-6 & 7-8) about formative assessment - followed by where this fits within evidence-based classroom practice in literacy. This will likely be useful for classroom teachers as well as school leaders. Teachers can confirm and extend their knowledge of formative assessments. School leaders can support applying assessment results to meet student learning needs in their school. Formative assessments focus on current student knowledge and strategies in literacy. Reflecting on student responses can enable a clear focus on what students need to learn next.

Feedback from both teachers and school leaders will assist in refining this survey so it can more closely target teacher and student learning needs, especially as educators learn more about evidence-based practices.

Following the survey, some recent, evidence-based formative assessments are shared, including dynamic assessments. Teachers discuss different types of formative assessments they currently use or might like to trial, as a way of improving this process. Collegial discussions and sharing ideas can be an effective way to learn more.

Options are available for both face-to-face and online workshops at various times and can be negotiated for each school. Depending on distance and restrictions, I believe face-to-face workshops support teachers to collaborate, discuss and learn.

Contact me by email or phone 0424163624 to arrange a date and time, if this is of interest at your school?  

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