Designed Learning
Question Skills C Bk6|Book 6 of 6 books that teach Grade 3 Question-Answering Enlarge

Question Skills C Bk 6


Question Skills Level C Book 6

These last six lessons continue to include Success Checklists as previews of what is to be learned and for students to review what they have learned at the end of the lesson.

Teacher demonstration and modelling of different of Cognitive Strategies for thinking and finding complete answers to all 3 Question Types is critical for students’ learning. Student written answers should be selected or written in complete, punctuated sentences.  

Guidelines for implementation, especially for sentence writing and punctuation, extend and promote deep learning and may lead to transfer into writing tasks.

Teachers should collaborate with other staff, including special educators, to support any students with additional needs, and might include additional modelling and demonstration of thinking steps, additional reading or texts and to promote oral reading fluency and handwriting or typing fluency. Any improvements in students' performance should be documented as evidence of their learning. This would include comparing their initial assessment results with their final assessments, post intervention. For some students, this might include documenting differences in the adjustments made prior to and after the 36 lesson sequence.

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