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Question Skills C Bk 1



Question Skills Level C Book 1 (Teacher Manual and Student Workbook) includes pretest assessments for Question-Answering and Oral Reading Fluency. These results will enable classroom teachers to see what their students know and can do.

All lessons include an explicit teaching routine, with modelling and demonstration, followed by guided practice and then independent student practice. Feedback during each lesson component is critical for ensuring successful learning.

Using Clue words in Right There Questions, modelling of Thinking Steps and learning more Clue Words, with multiple examples promotes deep learning of these concepts. All lessons include a Success Checklist to start (previewing what is to be learned) and conclude with a second Success Checklist, for students to review what they have learned. These should be reviewed and checked off by classroom teachers.

Teacher modelling of Clue Words, in a classroom game format, promotes oral language development and comprehension, and can be fun, when teachers give funny (incorrect) answers: After explicitly teaching the Clue Word “When”, the teacher might ask: “So would the answer to a WHEN Clue Word might be “THE FARM”? This is obviously an incorrect answer – so students can laugh, and then “correct” the teacher by giving time answers, like 10am, Summer or Today.

Guidelines for implementation, especially for sentence writing and punctuation, extend and promote deep learning and may lead to transfer into writing tasks. Teachers should collaborate with other staff, including special educators, to support any students with additional needs. This scaffolding might include additional reading to promote oral reading fluency and handwriting or typing fluency. 

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