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Question Skills B Bk1|Book 1 of 6 books that teach Grade 2 students question-answering Enlarge

Question Skills B Bk 1



Question Skills Level B Books have been developed for use with Australian students in approximately Grade 2level.

Grades 2 can include a wide range of students' literacy skills and teachers may need to provide some adjustments for some students with additional needs.

These materials include, 2 Curriculum-Based Pretests, Oral reading fluency assessments, 36 explicit-teaching sessions and 2 Curriculum-Based Post Assessments.

Learners are supported by explicit, teacher-directed instruction.

Student Workbooks include modelled, guided and independent texts and questions. Workbooks support student learning through deliberate practice with question-answering.

Teacher scaffolding should be used for writing complete sentences (simple, compound and complex) and correct spelling. Guidelines for implementation adapted from on evidence-based research and classroom action research are included at the start of Book 1.

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