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Questions Skills F (Grade Level), 2023, SCHOOL Price


Level F refers to the approximate level of difficulty, at about Grade 6, in Australian schools. Your order includes Teacher Answer Manual and Student Workbooks as a series of PDFs. The learning materials include 2 (PRETEST) tasks for determining what students know and can do, when reading texts and answering questions. Effective learning is enabled by the 36 lessons, and completion of hardcopy workbooks. Some schools use Level F with students in secondary school who have learning difficulties, specifically with reading comprehension.

Effective learning is more likely to be enabled by the 36 lessons and completion of hardcopy workbooks for 3 lessons per week.

Workbooks and Answer Manuals are at about Grade 6 level, in Australian schools. Two additional levels of workbooks, differentiated for different students, will be available with less writing (at an additional cost, see related products EXTRA Skills and MC ONLY, soon to be published). This is a complete HARDCOPY version of these materials, which will have some texts available on audio soon. Teachers and parents should use knowledge of their student or child to decide to use these materials to ensure effective learning, on 3 occasions each week.

Lessons include Right There, Think & Search and On My Own terminology, along with Here, Hidden and Head. Both terms are used in the evidence-based research that supports these materials. Teachers can use these materials with students with additional or special needs at a range of grade levels, depending on their current skills and knowledge. Level F has TWO easier, differentiated levels to support students with additional needs, which will be available soon.