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EXTRA Skills B (Available May 2023)


EXTRA Skills B is a HARDCOPY program, and adjusted hardcopy manuals.  Your order includes both Teacher Manual and Student Workbooks in a single PDF. The learning materials include 2 pretest tasks for determining what students know and can do, when reading texts and answering questions. Effective learning is enabled by the 36 lessons, using online videos and offline completion of hardcopy workbooks. EXTRA Skills Level B begins with explicit instruction on Clue Word Concepts, before strategy instruction begins. This establishes a strong conceptual foundation for explicit instruction in a simplified version of the Three Level Question Guide. 

EXTRA Skills B refers to the approximate level of difficulty, for students with some additional learning needs, at about Grade 2. Teachers and parents should use knowledge of their students and child to make a decision about using these materials with students with additional or special needs at a range of grade levels, depending on their current skills and knowledge.