Designed Learning & Designing Learning

Literacy Materials, Free Downloads & Assessments

Free Parent Handbook for YouTube

This support parents and teachers to improve reading and oral comprehension, especially when remote learning.

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Designing Learning Youtube, freely available

Question Skills, Level B starting with PLaylist 1 has Youtubes for 36 sessions.

Learners are supported by a teacher, parent or tutor who pauses videos for oral responses and discussion.

Workbooks support this learning offline, through deliberate practice with question-answering.

Early years Screening Tools for Decoding

Whole class, fluency assessments of oral language and writing of CVC words.

2 versions parallel versions, for Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2.

Teacher professional learning in early reading instruction and scoring is available.

Reading Fluency, Reading Expression & Wide Reading

3 evidence-based interventions, supported by Professional Learning Courses focus on 3 aspects of fluency – improving oral fluency, reading expression and silent reading.

Formative Assessments FOR, AS and OF Learning can be used by teachers to make ongoing decisions to maximise improvements in student reading skills over time.

Inquiry Questioning Skills (Oral Language, Grades K-2)

Activities for explicit teaching of oral language by classroom teachers to support talking and listening.

Strategies can be applied in any curriculum area, for talking, listening, reading, questioning, and oral presentations.

Formative assessments identify and target individual student needs and support early intervention.