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Early Grades & Question Skills Level F

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Early Grades Materials

These cards support all Question Skills materials, especially early grades and students with additional needs.

Early Grades cards present multiple examples of WH-words for students to learn these concepts.

Oral Language underpins all learning including learning to reading and comprehend.

Early grades cards are available in 2 sets:

1. PreK to 2, for oral questioning, prior to learning to read.

2. K - 4, also for oral questioning, as well as writing scaffolds for all students, including additional needs.

Question Skills Level F

Question Skills Level F is for use with Australian students in approximately Grade 6 level.

Grade 6 can include a wide range of students' literacy skills and teachers may need to provide some adjustments for some students.

These programs include, 2 Curriculum-Based Pretests, 36 explciit-teaching sessions and 2 Curriculum-Based Post Assessments.

Learners are supported by explicit, teacher-directed instruction.

Workbooks that include modelled, guided and independent texts and questions.

Workbooks support student learning through deliberate practice with question-answering.

Teacher scaffolding should be used for writing complete sentences (simple, compound and complex) and correct spelling.

Question Skills Level F (Approx. Grade 6): 6 Books that include Teacher Manuals and Student Workbooks

Try the free pretest and Book 1 (Teacher Manual and Student Workbook) to see what your students know and can do?

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