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Grade 1 Fluency Development Lesson (Adapted from Raskinski et al, 2020)

This lesson outline, part of a recent blog post, describes lesson options for fluency in the early grades.


Free Parent Handbook for using YouTube for Level B Question Skills.

This parent handbook is to support parents and teachers, with YouTube and Book reading during remote learning or homeschooling.

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Screening Assessments: Early Decoding K-2.

There are 2 different versions for each grade, Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2, administration includes adjustments.

These are screening assessments, for accuracy and fluency, in oral repetition and writing of CVC words.

The two versions for each grade are identical, except one has Clip Art images, parallel version has photos.

Some teachers may be confident to use these, others may need additional support through a workshop or Zoom.

Please read the assessment and scoring directions for these assessments, and contact me for a support workshop, if needed.

kinder_phonics_screening.pdf      kinder_phonics_screening_photos.pdf

grade_1_phonics_screening.pdf   grade_1_phonics_screening_photos.pdf

grade_2_phonics_screening.pdf   grade_2_phonics_screening_photos.pdf

Question Skills Pretests (Formative Assessments), Level B & Level C

These are formative assessments for identifying students current skills and knowledge in selecting and writing answers to questions.

There are two texts, each with multiple choice and sentence answers, one narrative and one factual.

The FREE Sample to download includes one text only.

Teacher Manuals include adjustments for students with additional needs, which are then available in the intervention materials.

Complete Pretests Teacher Manuals and Student Workbooks are available for purchase.



Grade 2 Sample Vocabulary Formative Assessment