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The Science of Early Learning

by Gail Brown | March 19, 2021
The Science of Early Learning

I'm posting a BLOG post about this, and will be repeating it on the Designed Learning Facebook page, where I've just posted it as well! You can download their free guide for this! Here's the link, which is repeated later as well:

It is really important that teachers understand "How people learn" and use this in their teaching practices. I think we should all understand, very clearly, that learning doesn't happen overnight, and that explicit instruction is important for foundational skills of literacy and numeracy. There are many ways to organise learning, and some consistent principles that apply, and The Science of Early Learning can be the start for learning about learning!

I'm still learning this, and am so excited to share this - especially as it is from a small group of Deans in Teacher Training in American universities - that location doesn't matter - we all learn in similar ways, all around the world - even though we might learn different things!