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Supporting Parents and Teachers during remote learning, homeschooling and lockdowns

by Gail Brown | July 9, 2021
Supporting Parents and Teachers during remote learning, homeschooling and lockdowns

This post is highlighting some free YouTubes and a FREE Parent Handbook for using those YouTube with Bookreading.


Reading research supports the effectiveness of daily reading and most parents enjoy reading to and with  with their child. These FREE YouTubes support learning about understanding what you read, by answering questions. The FREE Parent Handbook links the YouTubes to bookreading and positive strategies for bookreading, using Pause, Prompt and Praise

The Youtubes can be viewed on most devices, including computers and Ipad – they do need a teacher, parent, someone, to be effective?

These are freely available and might help some parents and their children who might be home, and not going to school!

Here’s the link to 2 Playlists that present simple concepts, about WH_ words (like Who and What) that help students answer questions Skills.  This content is Level B, meaning it is simple and easy for many students, and often used in Grades 1 to 3 in schools:

Paylist 1 – B Book 1 & 2 = Lessons 1 - 12 -  

Playlist 2 – B Book 3 & 4 = Lesson 13 to 24 -

NOTE: The videos need a parent, teacher or older sibling helping young children use these. Parents or teachers would pause the YouTube, give their child time to think and then wait for an oral response. Then, simple press play to see if what your child said is correct, and get a positive like, Great Thinking! Or Brilliant Work!

Just to using tese  YouTube videos, reading a book with your child daily and asking questions using the Wh- words in that session – that will support your child’s reading.

Parents don’t have to purchase workbooks if they don’t want to?

The videos talk about the workbooks which can be purchased at a small cost – there is NO need to purchase these.

I’m hoping this helps both parents and teachers to read more with young children, have fun reading and motivate children to read more.

This is a difficult time, with strict lockdowns and other barriers in Sydney, in particular. Let’s use reading with our children as an effective way to go forward, beyond lockdown,  with a positive learning outcome!