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Ceremony: ANOTHER GREAT BOOK for every Australian classroom!

by Dr Gail Brown | July 13, 2022
Ceremony: ANOTHER GREAT BOOK for every Australian classroom!

I wanted to share with teachers, parents, grandparents and anyone who has a child in their life – this new book by Adam Goodes and Ellie Laing, titled Ceremony!

Just like Somebody’s Land, also by these authors, this book helps us all learn more about Indigenous People, with a specific focus on Adam’s people, their country and their traditional ceremony. The endpapers (inside back and front covers) provide a glossary of terms in their language. These are also included in the book, within the text. And once again, David Hardy’s illustrations are fabulous.

As the book states, there are “more than 350 First Nations groups with different languages and customs”. All Australians should learn more and be proud of this rich diversity within our First National Peoples.

I would imagine Adam is so proud his book showcases just one group, his group, the Adnyamathanha, who live in the Flinders Ranges of South Australia. This book, according to Adam on YouTube, celebrates a special ceremony for the change of seasons.

Adam and Ellie’s second goal is to start to introduce some words from Indigenous Language into children’s books and into their vocabulary. What’s wonderful, is how Adam shares his own personal journey, learning this language, with us! Ellie talks about the fun, and how the children in the book have fun, and I’m sure you’ll get a laugh from one thing that happens in this book. As well, there is a focus on rhyme and rhythm, which is part of how we all learn every language.

This is an excellent example for many of us, as teachers and parents, to follow. This way of presenting English and Indigenous words together, with an image, is a wonderful model for teaching language and vocabulary. This can be used for any or all of the 350+ Indigenous Languages that might be local to your school!

I hope that you add this to your collection, and that you have already purchased Somebody’s Land by these authors. Both are available on Booktopia for less than $20Australian!

There’s also a QR code in Ceremony, and here’s a link as well, to hear Adam reading Ceremony aloud! Enjoy!

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