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80 Stories High, by Dr John Irvine

by Dr Gail Brown | May 14, 2024
80 Stories High, by Dr John Irvine

You may have heard of Dr John Irvine and his worrywoos… Dr John is an experienced and inspiring professional who has supported so many people over decades… Check out his website here

Dr John's most recent book is 80 Stories High: Uplifting tales of humble heroes. All too often today’s news is full of things that may not be so positive - this latest book is the exact opposite! This is a series of positive and inspiring stories of many people, young and old, that John remembers from his work.

A person tended to visit John when there was some challenge in their life – and these short stories show how they have overcome so many different barriers to live a much happier life and brighter future. I’d highly recommend this book to parents, teachers and special educators – and to anyone who wants to read and learn about everyday people, like you and me, who have overcome challenges in their lives – and haven’t we all had these at some point in our own lives? You can buy this from John, from his Australian publisher, or in any format from Amazon... I hope you enjoy reading about how positive these inspirational stories are!